Preparing for the Glory

Seminars and Conferences

Available and customized for churches, prayer groups, home-groups and even businesses, these seminars and conferences address the whole person, body, soul and spirit, in a very pragmatic way.  They are designed so that people receive not only encouragement and inspiration during the meeting sessions, but also the very pragmatic tools to take home to bring about deep, genuine change and ongoing growth for themselves and their families.

Healing of the Soul:

Karla is a pastoral counselor with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling, but the schooling she relies on is the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  She came out of much bondage and brokenness herself and has experienced first-hand deep inner healing.  She is passionate about sharing these liberating truths and giving strategies and ‘take-home’ keys to enable people to free themselves and their entire families.  The Mantles of Glory Ministry team will not only teach on this but will also demonstrate how to flow in it.

Breaking Negative Generational Family Patterns:

We help people get free of iniquitous curses by cleansing the ancestral bloodlines, as most negative patterns that run in families are rooted in past generations.  We start with a teaching on this, but then we actually take people through the beginning of the cleansing process to demonstrate how it is done.

Walking in Vibrant Physical Health:

Suffering numerous serious health issues in the past because of kidney blockage and radiation poisoning, Karla brings a unique approach to health recovery using natural methods.  She shares simple pragmatic tools for improving health that are especially relevant for our generation.  All people share the desire and need to walk in quality of health and what a help it is to receive practical information and ‘do-able’ strategies for accomplishing these goals.

Upcoming Ministry Events

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