A Season of Accelerated Healing

Our Father is very busy restoring the hearts and lives of individuals and families in this awesome hour.  In recent years I’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in the area of healing and liberty.

My formal training includes six years of college – a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, from Texas Tech University and the University of New Mexico.  However my approach is to follow the precepts of the Word of God and to invite Holy Spirit to take charge. I have found many issues are rooted in past generations, where behaviors and patterns often cycle from one generation to the next.

As the scripture teaches us, there is great power in agreement and I am delighted to walk alongside you as you pursue your dreams, goals and personal wholeness.  I am passionate about helping people find and fulfill God’s purpose and destiny for their lives.  It is both amazing and thrilling to realize that our loving heavenly Father had a plan and purpose for our lives before we were even born.  No one is a mistake or an after-thought!  Every person is precious to Him and everyone has been given gifts and talents to effect the people and world around us.

Health Coaching

I integrate health coaching into my approach for those who need and desire it.  While I’ve not gone to medical school to study formal medicine, I have been in the school of natural health for over two decades.    I had very severe health issues from a kidney birth defect, radiation poisoning and other toxic exposure and the medical community was not able to help.   I therefore embarked on a journey of faith, as He graciously led me down a pathway of natural health recovery.   God absolutely can and does heal instantly and supernaturally as we pray the prayer of faith and speak His Word over ourselves.   But for me personally it has been a journey of both things working together, along with the healing of heart issues and the cleansing of my ancestral bloodline.

Body, Soul and Spirit

Truly we are body, soul and spirit, and all three must be healed for us to enjoy a vibrant life.  Sometimes the greatest need is for physical healing, other times for healing of a broken heart.  There may be a need to address a spiritual vacuum or longing that is unfulfilled.  What a comfort it is to know that our heavenly Father knows all these things and has made complete provision for them.

Scheduling an Appointment

To set up an appointment please give the approximate time slots you would need or prefer and I’ll get back with you to confirm.  If you want to give your phone number, that might expedite the process of coordinating an appointment time.  If you have questions of any kind, feel free to drop me a note at:   contact@MantlesOfGlory.org



Testimonial by a Marketplace Minister:

Karla’s coaching and ministry comes from a place of great love and compassion from the Father’s heart. It’s truly a “safe place” to open up and be healed. She helped find the root of the severe fatherless/abandonment issues from my childhood; this was preventing me from being free in many areas of my adulthood. She has knowledge and experience in the reality of generational iniquities and bondage.  She relies completely on the power of our blood covenant with Jesus / Yeshua and on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring freedom and healing.  I give thanks to God for what He did for me through her prayers and ministry, it was both impacting and transforming.

Testimonial by a minister:

“Today more and more leaders need a private / confidential and safe place to get help, good help! I desperately needed someone I could trust with deep issues coming against our ministry that I had not been able to share with anyone, even my spouse. Karla not only proved to be that safe place, but God gave her powerful, accurate, prophetic insight into the roots of the issue and she was relentless in prayer until we knew it was broken. I saw instant results and the entire issue has been resolved and has become ancient history. Thank God for such a precious gift of prophetic ministry made available to ministers!”