Mantles of Glory Ministries prioritizes and honors Israel and the Jewish people.  We believe the covenant God made with Abraham and His descendants in Genesis 12 stands forever and we believe in Israel’s God-given right to the land.  We are passionate about sharing these Biblical truths and imparting a deep love for our Jewish brethren.

In a fast-paced world full of uncertainty and conflict, there is one thing that is certain; they that bless Israel will in return be blessed and they that curse Israel will be cursed.  There are no grey areas, no room for discussion.   The Most High Himself spoke this truth into existence long ago and the power of it still shapes not only the course of individuals, but also of nations.  For across the globe, governments and peoples are lining up as either sheep nations or goat nations based on how they treat the sons of Jacob (Matthew 25).

Mantles Ministries is pursuing – by faith — the One New Man spoken of in Ephesians 2:14-18 as Jesus / Yeshua Messiah has broken down the wall of division between Jew and Gentile.  In His own flesh He abolished the enmity, so as to create in Himself the One New Man, that He might reconcile them both through the cross.  “For through Him (Messiah) we both have access by one Spirit to the Father” (vs. 18).

We pray that as you browse our archives regarding Israel, your hearts will be stirred and ignited afresh with love for our Jewish brethren.  And may we all be diligent in remembering to pray for and bless Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewish people, looking toward that joyful day when they recognize their Messiah!   Shalom to you, dear friends!