Welcome to our website  –  we are so glad you have found your way to us.  It is our genuine desire that we stay connected so that we can all grow together in our pursuit of Him, the One we love.

Step into Your Mantle

This ministry was birthed to help people find and lay hold of their own mantles, their God-given place or role in life.  We are convinced this is the season that God Himself is establishing His people, especially His leaders, in the fullness of their life’s callings.  The Father has much to do in this strategic hour of human history and He needs His people to be set in to their rightful places so they can shine for Him as never before.

 The Lion Roars Join Our Mailing List!

We invite you to check out our prophetic newsletter.  It is a great way to stay in touch with the ministry and to receive the encouragement that comes from getting fresh perspective. Our desire is to be a support to those who are earnestly seeking Him, to be a resource of revelation,  vision and networking to the Body of Christ.  Many warriors have been fighting weariness and discouragement, but we are sensing a fresh move of His Spirit in this season to gather, unify, strengthen and direct.

 “Mantles of Glory”  –  A Prophetic Word to this Generation

The founder of the ministry, Karla Shrake, had a visitation in the spring of 1994.   She was shown the coming days where the spirit of Elijah was being poured out, the power to do ‘the greater works’ that Jesus prophesied.   She saw this greater power being released from heaven as mantles, as mantles of glory falling upon God’s faithful ones.

Davidic Warriors

Calling all Davidic Warriors! We invite you to join us as we pray for ourselves and for our families in an easy, but effective way.


 Honor of Israel

We prioritize and honor Israel in every way possible as we seek to build on firm Biblical foundations. By faith we are growing into a living picture of Eph. 2:15, where Jew and Gentile honor Messiah together as the One New Man and the Bride makes herself ready for His soon return.  Please check out our Israel archive library for topics that are critically important in understanding Israel’s central role in this time of history.   A key to finding our place is to put Israel into her place of priority and honor.

Glory Conferences

We offer what we call ‘Preparing for the Glory’ Conferences.  Available and customized for churches, prayer groups, home-groups and even businesses, these seminars and conferences address the whole person, body, soul and spirit, in a very pragmatic way.  The meetings are inspirational, encouraging and strengthening, but in addition they are designed to release practical take-home tools to bring about deep, genuine change and ongoing growth for individuals and their families.

A Word to the Warriors….. Fresh Vision & Strategy for Breakthrough is Coming Forth:

As Joel prophesied long ago, the Lion of the tribe of Judah is roaring from Zion, and the reverberating sound of His voice is drawing the faithful to Himself in a deeper and more intimate way in preparation for the days ahead. He is releasing the divine perspective that will bring great encouragement and strength to His warriors. Manifesting in our midst as Captain of the Hosts, the Captain of armies, He is releasing heavenly strategies that will enable us to break-through so that we can walk out our destinies fully, freely and joyfully.

Truly our Father is busy pulling together an army, a very diverse army from all cultures and walks of life.